• Easy Maintenance Tips to Keep Your Furnace In Good Shape

    Every smart homeowner knows that a furnace can be a huge investment. With that being said, it is vital to keep it up well to ensure ideal air quality and unit longevity. Keep your heating units in tip top share with these simple maintenance tips from RES Air Conditioning. Clean the air ducts. Unluckily, homeowners often neglect things they can’t see, such as the air ducts. However, it is important to keep air ducts clean in order to keep your furnace working efficiently. Having dirty air ducts can put your health and your loved one’s at risk due to trapped allergens and dust. Plus, it will also make your unit work harder, taking a ... Read More

  • Tips & Tricks to Find a Decent HVAC Contractor

    The last thing that every homeowner wishes to experience is to have their air conditioner break down during the hot summer days. The best resort is to bring in a professional repairman. However, just because you need instant fix for your AC does not mean that you just cherry-pick a company from the internet. Here’s how to locate a trusted HVAC repair service provider. Seek referrals. Asking for recommendations and referrals from someone you know is a smart way to begin your hunt for the right air conditioning repair company. Perhaps, someone from the family or one of your friends has already hired an HVAC technician who they can refer... Read More